Animating & Clean-Up

Using Photoshop, TV Paint or Animate, I have worked on all of these films as an animator or clean-up crew. I have worked on a good few more than this selection but these are my favourites.

This is such a lovely BAFTA nominated film by Hannah Jacobs and Harriet Gillian. No animating for me in this one but I did a whole lot of colouring in using Photoshop.

I spent 6 months working as an ‘Inky’ on The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, using TVPaint. Those lovely lines which look so naturally inky and flowey yet somehow smooth? ME. And also a lot of other very talented people.

Working with wonderful Director, Sheetal Thankey, I animated and cleaned up sections of her film for Tate Kids anout the life of Yayoi Kusama.

Sheetal directed this awsome music video, Talk to You, for Anjana Vasan. I was given a couple of sections ( mostly stroking things) to animate.

Working with Across the Pond agency and Director Doug Higman I made the rough animation for the poor little bird. The film won a Shark Award in 2021! Woo!

Working with Nexus Studios, a cross section of Animators were all designated beautiful illustrations to bring to life in this promotional film for Happyluja’s book: Boobs.

I animated and cleaned up the flippy-floppy boobie space ship about half way through.

This cool little intro explainer animation was Directed by Cian Hogan with Across the Pond.

It’s all about protein folding and is pretty cool stuff if you watch the whole thing. I just animated the weird walking balloon guys and other bits and bobs.